I am interested in subscribing to Sainik Samachar at regular / concessional rates (kindly strike off which is not applicable).
	I have remitted a sum of Rs……………………… being the value for one/two/three/four/five years subscription for Assamese / Bengali / English / Gorkhali / Hindi / Kannada / Malayalam / Marathi / Oriya / Punjabi / Tamil / Telugu and Urdu edition.
	I am a serviceman / Cadet / Pensioner / Reservist / Ex-Serviceman / disabled Ex-Serviceman / Civilian. (Kindly strike off whichever is not applicable).
	Name and full address to which copies are to be sent. (Please write your address in CAPITAL LETTERS).

Shri / Smt / Kum __________________________________Date of Birth__________
H.No. ___________________Vill : _________________P.O. ___________________
Teh/Tlk _______________________________ Dist. __________________________
State ______________________________ Pin Code __________________________

(Only for Defence Personnel) 
Army No. _________________ Rank ____________ Name ____________________
Unit (Present / Last served) __________________________________C/o 56/99 APO
Old Subscriber number if any ____________________________________________

(Signature of the applicant)

Certified that the applicant is not getting a copy of the journal in his name or his relatives name and he is entitled to obtain concessional rates.

O.C. Unit President / Secretary
D.S.S. & A Board (Seal)

Only pensioners / reservists / ex-servicemen / disabled ex-servicemen are entitled for concessional rates brothers, sisters and other relatives (except as mentioned above) are not entitled to concessional rates. Subscription rate Rs.100 (one year), overseas by surface mail: Rs.450 (one year), concessional rate Rs.20 (one year). Mode of payment only by IPO / MO/Demand Draft in favour of “Editor-in-Chief, Sainik Samachar, New Delhi”. Please use this slip. Subscriptions rates are under revision.