Empowering Field Army through Food Technology at ASC Centre and College
Under the aegis of Army Training Command, ASC Centre and College, Bengaluru, the premier logistics training institute of the Indian Army has taken an initiative to organize a seminar sponsored by Army Management Studies Board on the topic of 'Empowering Field Army Through Food Technology'. The Army Management Studies Board was instituted in the year 2002 to acts as a medium for exchange of knowledge, experience and establishes collaboration of civilian management, the academia and the corporate environment with the Indian Army.
The Indian Army is deployed in the most inhospitable terrain operating in the country spreading from High Altitude Area in the North, dense jungles in the East and extreme deserts in the South and South West theatres of our country. Soldiers are subjected to the ill effects of terrain and weather conditions on their physical and mental well beings. The field of food science and technology has seen rapid strides in recent years. Specifically, functional foods, nutraceuticals and various other supplements are being researched extensively to maximize nutritional gains. These advancements in the food technology can be suitably leveraged to mitigate the ill-effects of weather and terrain. Thus there is a felt need to address this requirement by examining the feasibility of introduction of various dietary supplements in the terrain-specific rations, in order to mitigate ill-effects.
The one day seminar was attended by many senior Armed Forces officers along with renowned personalities from the field of food industry, academia and research institutes from all parts of the country. The seminar has provided a platform for the Armed Forces, the research institutes and the major market players in the food industry to indentify and understand the requirement of Field Army with a view to ameliorate these problems with the use of food technology.
- PRO Bengaluru
Lieutenant General Vipan Gupta addressing the Seminar.
Lieutenant General Vipan Gupta with the participants of the Seminar.