Celebrating Courage and Valour of Armed Forces
A sniper was lying under the bushes wearing Zilli suit, waiting to target the enemy, another was aiming with grenade launcher for collateral damage in enemy bunkers and yet another was securing the whole area of operation with his machine gun atop a Gypsy. The scene was almost of an Army Operation but the occasion was of 'Parakram Parv' to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of surgical strike conducted by Indian Army in enemy area in 2016.
Curo Mall - a happening place in Jalandhar where the main programme was organised on September 27-28, 2018 was turned into a 'Fauji Chhavni' by the troops of 11 Corps.
A Banner (Red in colour) hanging from a parapet displaying the decorations earned by 22 Grenadiers was the centre of attraction for clicking selfies holding guns in combat outfit. This was setup for camera loving and Instagram generation. Some other events included tug-of-war, push-up competition and casualty evacuation drill by NCC Cadets and civilians.
Three similar programmes were also held by 8 Sikh Light Infantry and 14 Sikh of the 11 Corps.
The view of parked army trucks and deployment of smartly dressed troops at the Mall was enough to lure people from far to be part of the celebrations. People from all age groups especially the youngsters including NCC cadets were thrilled to be there.
The celebration were organised by Regional Outreach Bureau, Chandigarh of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting in coordination with Vajra Corps of the Indian Army in Jalandhar, 22 Armoured Division in Hissar and ARTRAC in Shimla.
A huge LED wall screening parts of surgical strike, Kargil operation and an Army film on Parakram or Balidan, showcasing the courage and valour of our Armed forces and a photo exhibition displaying the pictures on the topics of India's Freedom Struggle, Sankalp Se Siddhi etc., also attracted one and all.
Lt Gen Dushyant Singh, Corps Commander of 11 Corps who inaugurated the event at Jalandhar, said that message from such events to people is to get motivated and join the armed forces. He said such programmes give a feel and flavour of what actually our armed forces are made of. "They are made of steel and raw courage. People should be rest assured that the Nation is in safe hands as for Armed Forces - It's the Nation First - Always and Every Time."
The show-stoppers of the programme during evening was Pipe Band of 22 Grenadiers. Dressed in uniforms studded with battery operated lights enthralled the audience with their spectacular performances.
The events at all the places successfully celebrated the spirit of Indian Armed Forces and their die hard attitude. The air was filled with the spirit of patriotism and every citizen present at the event, felt proud to be the part of a country whose Armed forces have such power, valour and determination to protect their motherland.
- FPO Amritsar