Q1.   What does the abbreviation MPV stand for in the case of vehicles?
Q2.   Which MPVs used effectively in J&K by Indian Army after induction in 1998 were introduced in early 2000's in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand?
Q3.   Name the Indian MPV developed by DRDO based on South African Cassiper.
Q4.   When were MPVs first used?
Q5.   Name the hill station which also has a formation of IAF whose name is derived from the name of an orchid called 'Kursonrip' in lepcha.
Q6.   What is the claim to fame of Sgt Shahzar Rizvi?
Q7.   Identify the formation made by SU-30 aircrafts shown in (Pic 1).
Q8.   Identify the personality in the picture 2.
Q9.   Name the Project of Indian Navy given to all-women team circumnavigating the globe, promoting ocean sailing activities in Navy.
Q10.   When was the first flight of LCA, Tejas SP-9.
Q11.   Identify the Aircraft which was extensively used by IAF (Pic 3).
Q12.   Name the Indian Coast Guard Ship which was decommissioned recently at Chennai after serving for 20 years (pic 4).
1. Mine Protected Vehicles. 2. South African Casspir MPVs. 3. Aditya. 4. Allied used in WW II for removing massive mines from African desert.Significant development in Rhodesian Bush War. 5. Kurseong near Darjeeling. 6. He created world record in 10 M air pistol and won the Gold in "World Cup" in Mexico 2018. 7. VIC formation. 8. Dr Subhash Bhamre, Raksha Rajya Mantri. 9. Navika Sagar Parikrama. 10. March 24, 2018. 11. Canberra. 12. Bhikaji Cama, the fourth ship in Priyadarshini Class.
- Wg Cdr Samir Gangakhedkar