Training of Future Leaders commences at College of Defence Management
154 select officers of the rank of Colonels and their equivalent in the Navy, Air Force and Paramilitary Forces including 10 officers from friendly foreign countries commenced their journey of learning as participants of the 44 week long prestigious Higher Defence Management Course (HDMC) at College of Defence Management (CDM) in Secunderabad on May 29, 2018. Lieutenant General Cherish Mathson, Army Commander, South Western Command delivered the inaugural address for the Higher Defence Management Course.
The course is being attended by 10 officers from various foreign countries viz Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, Mozambique, Nigeria, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Uganda and Vietnam. This is the first time an Officer from China has joined HDMC at College of Defence Management. The international and tri-service flavour of the course allows varied and unique learning experience for the participant officers.
During the inaugural address Lieutenant General Cherish Mathson complemented the officers on being selected on the prestigious course. He shared his experiences to amplify the impact and importance that the prestigious HDMC course has, in empowering every future leader in the aspects of Command, leadership and Management. He asked officers to maintain true congruence between what they truly are, with what they actually portray. He exhorted officers to continue the quest for knowledge so as to remain contemporary and relevant. He wished the officers all the best in their journey towards becoming an enabled and enlightened Strategic Leader.
College of Defence Management is a premier tri-services institution, acknowledged as a Centre of Excellence for imparting training in Defence Management. The College has made significant strides in aligning and integrating management philosophy with operational planning. HDMC is the flagship programme of the CDM, Secunderabad. The course curriculum covers various management subjects related to Behavioural Sciences, Decision Sciences, Resource Management and Research Methodology. The course is pitched at the directional and conceptual level with focus on application of management tools & techniques in operational management. The experiential aspects of the course curriculum include visit to the Field formations in Forward Area, a Management Education Tour of private/ public sector establishments and an international strategic management tour to understand nuances of geopolitics and imbibe international best practices. In the culminating application phase of the course they carry out "Project Studies" with a view to find solutions to the challenges being faced by the Armed Forces. Participants are awarded the degree of Master of Management Studies (MMS) by the Osmania University and a Certificate of Advance Course in Management by All India Management Association on successful completion of the course.
- PRO Secunderabad
Lieutenant General Cherish Mathson, Army Commander, South Western Command and Major General Sandeep Sharma, Commandant, CDM with the officers of friendly foreign countries at College of Defence Management in Secunderabad.