CDM celebrates World Environment Day
To mark the World Environment Day, a tree plantation drive was organised at the College of Defence Management (CDM) campus on June 5, 2018. Officers, Staff and their families participated in event.
The college also embarked on an Eco-Awareness initiative in the form of a herbal garden Sanjivani comprising 56 species of herbal plants, sustained through rainwater harvesting and prepared at no cost through voluntary efforts of the members. The initiative has harnessed various stakeholders' viz. PCCF and Herbal curator of Forest Academy, Telangana.
While imparting leadership and management training to future leaders of Indian Armed forces and of friendly foreign countries, College of Defence Management actively promotes a passion for eco-conservation through its Eco-Club whose members as Eco Warriors champion the cause of nature.
The initiatives of the college are reflective of how the soldier is in harmony with nature both while guarding the frontiers of the nation and while engaged in academic pursuit.
- PRO Secunderabad