160th Founders Day celebrations at the Lawrence School, Lovedale
The prestigious Institution, The Lawrence School, Lovedale, under the aegis of the HRD Ministry recently celebrated its 160th Founder's Day. The two day celebration was an event worth the wait. The first day witnessed the various Exhibitions – Science, Math, Art and Humanities.
This event was followed by the Equestrian Display by the School's Riding Club. The English Play, Peter Pan was worth the wait wherein the students displayed their histrionic skills on stage leaving the spectators exhilarated.
The beauty of the Sunset Sensation – a medley of world dances and music mesmerized the parents, who were overwhelmed watching their little ones enjoy.
The Second Day on May 26, 2018, commenced with the parade, keeping in line with the military antiquity and tradition of the Lawrence School, Lovedale. The Command Voice, Naman Agrawal, who is also the Head Boy of the School, headed the platoons to the rhythm of the soldiers' cadence. Inspected by the Chief Guest, Admiral Sunil Lanba, Chief of the Naval Staff, Indian Navy and Chiefs Of Staff Committee and the Headmaster Mr Rajan Narayanan (O), the Parade also endorsed the various batches of OLs marching proudly, reliving their school days.
The prize distribution followed by the Annual School Report for the year 2017-18, saw an illustrious crowd's appreciation for the students' efforts and providing insightful anecdotes enlightening the students and guests. The children proudly displayed their skills in the Variety Entertainment, aptly titled the 'Kaleidoscope'. In this culture program the Hindi play ED GAAH touched the heart of the audience, in Ramzan month This famous story based play was the main attraction of the program .
The Beating Retreat marked the end of the Founder's celebration at the Lawrence School, Lovedale, the ceremony featuring Band, Pipes and Drum Bands played to the formations and melody of exalting music.
The 160th Founders Day was a crowd pulling and exuberant fete, modelling way for the ever successful events to come forth.
- PRO Chennai
Admiral Sunil Lanba, Chief of The Naval Staff presented the prize and trophies to the outstanding performance students on the occasion of 160th Founders Day celebrations held at the Lawrence School, Lovedale.