Eid Celebration : Alwar Military Station
Alwar as a city has a rich history attached to it. A princely State during the British Raj, Alwar has many famous Forts and Palaces. History of Alwar Military Garrison dates back to times of the Indian State Forces. The Garrison was occupied by State Forces Maharaja of Alwar at three different locations viz The Jai Paltan (Infantry), Pratap Paltan (Infantry) and Mangal Lancer (Cavalry), all took part in the first and second World Wars under Imperial Command. Their erstwhile accommodation is presently inhabited and known as JP lines, PP Lines and ML Lines. Alwar was the first in Rajputana to form part of the 'Imperial Service Troops'. In 1898, Maharaja Jai Singh entered into a pact that all expenses of imperial troops would be borne by him when the forces stay in Alwar, but when they go out they would be under command and control of the British officers. To ensure a comfortable stay of the forces, Maharaja Jai Singh ensured availability of basic needs which are essential for the troops. In continuation of the rich legacy of Indian Army, Alwar Military Station has developed into a complete and comprehensive Military Station. Alwar Military Station has many facilities which cater to the holistic growth of the soldier posted to the station. The facilities include, Training Areas, Military Hospital, Sports Complex having Swimming Pool and a Sarv Dharm Sthal. For the first time, Eid-Ul-Fitr was celebrated at the Station in the Alwar Military Station. The Station Masjid which is part of the Sarv Dharm Sthal Masjid has a very aesthetic and renewed look due to the renovation carried out by 4 GRENADIERS (PVC CQMH Abdul Hamid Battalion), thus completing the essence of a Sarv Dharm Sthal. The renovated Masjid was inaugurated by Station Commander, Alwar Military Station on June 16, 2018. The day was specially chosen as it coincided with the completion of the Holy month of Ramzan and inaugural celebrations of the auspicious festival Eid-Ul-Fitr at the Station Masjid. The inaugural celebrations were attended by Officers and Other Ranks of the station. The complete renovation of the Masjid and the arrangements for celebration of Eid-Ul-Fitr was well organized under the aegis of Station Headquarter, Alwar Military Station and 4 GRENADIERS, resulting in a memorable contribution to the growth of Alwar Military Station.
- DPR Photo Editor
Brig IM Lamba Offg Station Commander inaugurating the renovated Masjid at Sarva Dharm Sthal premises at the Military Station Alwar on the occasion of the Eid celebrations on June 16, 2018. Col SN Karthikeyan Commanding Officer 4 Grenadiers is also seen.
Sub (RT) Abu Talib conducting the prayers on the occasion of Eid.
Brig IM Lamba Off Stn Commander presenting the framed photo of Mecca to the Col Karthikeyan CO 4 Grenadiers.
Personnel offering prayers
Brig IM Lamba greeting Eid Mubarak
Col SN Karthikeyan greeting Eid Mubarak
Greeting Eid Mubarak to each other