Rescue and relief operations in flood affected areas of Manipur and Tripura
Units of Assam Rifles and Indian Army carried out large scale rescue and relief operations in the flood affected areas of Manipur and Tripura.
430 citizens were evacuated from Irong, Maibam, Uchiwa, Arapati, Kiyamgei, Achanbigai and Mongjam villages of Thoubal, Imphal East and Imphal West Districts of Manipur by columns of Assam Rifles and Indian Army.
More than 950 citizens were rescued from Kailashahar, Indiranagar, Fatikroy, Santail, Kumarghat in Tripura and more than 2000 people were given shelter at relief camps at Kailashahar, Tripura. A total of six columns operated in the state after responding to request from Civil administration.
In addition to the relief and rescue operations maximum possible assistance was provided to the civil administration by troops of Assam Rifles and Indian Army in terms of establishing shelters, relief camps, distribution of emergency rations, drinking water supply and repair of embankments. A large number of medical teams were also deployed to cater to the affected populace in these two states reeling under the effects of the flood.
- PRO Kolkata