Passing Out Parade at Indian Military Academy
The dreams and ambitions of passing out course of IMA fructified with a glittering Passing Out Parade on December 9, 2017. The series of events in the run up to the Passing Out Parade of the 141 Reg, 124 TGC and 25A UES courses of the Indian Military Academy began on December 1, 2017 with the Graduation Ceremony of the ACC Wing conducted at Historical Chetwode Hall.
Graduation Ceremony
A total of 53 Cadets of the Army Cadet College (ACC) Wing graduated and were awarded degrees during the presentation ceremony at the renowned Chetwode Hall of the Indian Military Academy. Amongst the 53 Cadets, 24 of them were from Science Stream and 29 from Humanities Stream. These degrees were conferred on the Cadets by the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The ceremony was presided over by Lt Gen SK Jha, Commandant Indian Military Academy. The Army Cadet College has a rich history of training selected personnel from other ranks of all the three Services who have the potential to become officers in the Indian Army. After three years of training at the Army Cadet College, the graduated course will join the Indian Military Academy for a duration of one year for their Pre-Commissioning Training.
On this occasion, Lt Gen SK Jha, also awarded the Commandant's Banner to the Champion Company which is NUBRA Company for this term. The Banner is awarded to the Company, which excels in various competitions like Sports, Academics, Camps, Debates and Interior Economy.
End of Term Exhibition
On the same day cadets' talent and dexterity was showcased during end of term exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mrs Anita Jha, the first lady of the Academy. The corridors of the historic Chetwode building were adorned with the most exquisite and beautiful exhibits of the Arts Club, Photography & Wildlife and Computer Club. The Arts Club cultivates and promotes creative skills among Gentlemen Cadets (GCs). This exhibition showcased Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal paintings along with pencil sketches. The Photography and Wild Life Club is a very popular club amongst GCs and ACC Wing Cadets, exhibited a very innovative display of 'Life Like Photographs' with catchy captions and write-ups. The members of the Computer Club abreast with the latest technology in the field of IT created software and applications like IMA cloud, IMA CQMS portal and IMA GC Information Portal, utilizing all the facets of modern information technology like Php, Apache, SQL and JavaScript.
Commandants' Award Ceremony
The Commandants' Award Ceremony of Passing Out Course was held at the Khetrapal Auditorium, IMA on December 6, 2017. Lt Gen S K Jha, Commandant, Indian Military Academy bestowed recognition and awards on outstanding Gentlemen Cadets who excelled in various fields during their pre-commission training at the Academy. Gentlemen Cadets during their training at this premier institute are exposed to multifarious activities such as Weapon Training, Service and Academic Subjects, Drill, Physical Training, Sports, Outdoor Camps and extracurricular activities. These are aimed at making them battle ready and teach them necessary skills to execute various responsibilities and operational tasks with utmost professionalism during their service career. Gentlemen Cadets are also encouraged to achieve excellence at individual level and contribute constructively in team effort to infuse a sense of comradeship amongst them. Accordingly, Medals and Rolling trophies have been instituted at IMA, which mark the highest standards achieved at the Individual and Company levels.
Wreath Laying Ceremony
Next in the series of events was the Wreath Laying Ceremony, which was held at the War Memorial, Indian Military Academy on the morning of December 8, 2017. The solemn ceremony is held every term as a precursor to the passing out parade.
The ceremony is conducted to pay homage to the brave alumni of this prestigious training academy, who have laid down their lives in keeping with the highest traditions of sacrifice to uphold the honour of the Nation. Lt Gen SK Jha, Commandant, Indian Military Academy along with officers and the Academy Under Officer on behalf of the passing out course laid wreaths and offered floral tributes to the gallant martyrs. The Sanctum Sanctorum of the War Memorial is a seven and a half feet bronze statue of a Gentleman Cadet saluting with a sword. To the rear of the statue, are designed arches on which are etched the names of the 850 valiant alumni, who have sacrificed their lives till date. On this occasion, 487 Cadets passing out on December 9, 2017 resolve to keep the Nation's flag flying high.
Multiactivity Display
Showcasing the high standards of the training and physical excellence achieved by the Gentlemen Cadets of Indian Military Academy, a Multi Activity Display was conducted at Somnath Stadium on December 8, 2017 as a prelude to the Passing Out Parade. The Display was witnessed by a large gathering of spectators, which included the Passing out Course, their parents and relatives. The show was graced by General Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq, SBP, ndc, psc, Chief of Army Staff, Bangladesh Army, the Reviewing Officer for the Passing out Parade. The GOC-in-C, ARTRAC Lt Gen MM Naravane,. The aim of training at the Academy includes developing physical fitness and a robust mind with a sense of adventure amongst the Gentlemen Cadets. The show included the display of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and quad copters for reccee, carriage of loads by the UAVs and scintillating performance by Gentleman Cadets showcasing their physical prowess through their gymnastics agility and acrobatics skills.
Sound and Light Show
On the eve of the Passing Out Parade, Indian Military Academy organized a Continuity Drill and "Son-et-Lumiere'' (Sound and Light show) for the parents of the passing out course and the visiting dignitaries. The distinguished guests included the Reviewing Officer Gen Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq, SBP, ndc, psc, Chief of the Army Staff, Bangladesh Army, the GOC-in-C, ARTRAC Lt Gen MM Naravane, delegation members, Defence Attaches, parents and family members of the GCs of the passing out course. Held at the historic Chetwode Drill Square which provided the pristine environment for the conduct of the event, the spectacular show commenced with exquisite movements of Continuity Drill by the Gentlemen Cadets (GCs). A contingent comprised of 72 participating cadets bidding farewell to the senior colleagues, conducted a masterly display of drill movements synchronized with an accompanying band. Following the continuity drill was the spectacular "Son-et-Lumiere" show, a multimedia, audio-visual presentation on the theme "Indian Military Academy Through the Ages" which took the audience on a nostalgic journey of the Academy from its inception to its present status. The spectacular show combined with the effects of brilliant light and sound mesmerized the august gathering.
Passing Out Parade 'The Grand Finale'
On the D-day , 487 GCs of 141 Regular Course, 124 Technical Graduate Course and 25 UES Course, including 78 Foreign Gentlemen Cadets from Seven friendly foreign countries passed out from the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun on December 9, 2017. Gen Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq, SBP, ndc, psc, Chief of the Army Staff, Bangladesh Army, reviewed the parade. The GOC-in-C, ARTRAC Lt Gen MM Naravane, delegation members and Defence Attaches also witnessed the Parade.
The Reviewing Officer arrived at the venue escorted by smartly dressed mounted horse riders in a majestic four-horse carriage, originally belonging to the Maharaja of Patiala, which was gifted by the erstwhile royal family to the academy. He was received at the venue by Lt Gen Sanjay Kumar Jha, Commandant, Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. The Reviewing Officer was accorded a salute by the parade followed by an impressive March Past. The GCs displayed tremendous enthusiasm, vigour and zeal, putting up an excellent show, marching to Military tunes of `Col Bogey' and `Sare Jahan Se Achha' with pride and élan.
The Reviewing Officer also gave away various awards to the Gentleman Cadets who had excelled in training. The prestigious and most coveted "Sword of Honour" and Gold medal for best in overall performance among was awarded to Academy Cadet Adjutant Chandrakant Acharya. Silver Medal for the GC standing second in the Order of Merit was presented to Academy Under Officer Amarpreet Singh Dhatt. Bronze Medal for the GC standing third in the Order of Merit was presented to Battallion under officer Sourav Das. Silver Medal for the GC standing first in the Order of Merit from Technical Graduate Course was presented to Junior Under officer Barnana Yadagiri and the Silver Medal for the GC standing first in the Order of Merit from Foreign GCs was presented to Junior Under officer Alexandr Simonaitis. The Naushera Company was awarded the Chief of Army Staff Banner Autumn Term 2017 for Best overall performance as a company.
Congratulating the GCs on the successful completion of their training at IMA, the reviewing officer complimented all cadets for an impressive parade, impeccable turnout, soldierly bearing and synchronization in drill indicating the high standards of training and discipline imbibed by the young officer cadets.
Conveying his special appreciation to the 78 GCs from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Kazakistan, Maldives, Nepal, Srilanka and Tajikistan, Gen Belal said "you have endured through the rigorous regimen of the training, exhibiting excellent transformation and are ready to don the ranks in their respective armies, as most refined officers. He said the strong bond of togetherness that they have developed here shall foster into a concerted effort towards countering the umpteen global challenges the world faces today. "
Addressing the passing out course Gen Belal said "The profession of arms is undergoing deep changes in terms of threats, roles, structures and doctrines. Though societies and institutions are in a deep state of flux, the basic elements of human nature however do not change and as newly commissioned officers, you will be commanding and leading the best soldiers that your nation has to offer. Lead them well and you will be rewarded with victory and success. Regard your soldiers as your family and they will follow you into the deepest valleys, look on them as your own beloved brothers and they will stand by you even unto death.
The parade culminated with Parents, wardens and guardians of the passing out course witnessing the memorable moment as the GCs cross the Chetwode threshold "Antim Pag" thus symbolizing the end of their training, which in fact is the 'First Step' towards a demanding and stimulating career as the custodians of the nation's integrity and honour to become Officers of the Indian Army. After the Passing out Parade, the sprawling Somnath stadium presented a picture of pride, enthusiasm, affection and nationalism when the proud parents put epaulets on the shoulders of their sons during the pipping ceremony. It was a majestic experience for the proud parents of the newly commissioned Officers.
- Lt Col Dinesh Sharma