Peace Time Indian Navy
The Indian Navy (IN) is the sentinel on the never ending watch – actively protecting the most porous border there is – the sea. As a defender of the nation, the Navy's role to protect the territorial integrity remains active even during peace. But that's not all that the Navy does. The Navy, in many ways, is like the caring homemaker of the Indian family. She dons many avatars and transforms from one to the other seamlessly and effortlessly, to make sure that everyone grows and prospers, furthering the nation's aim, as enshrined in the constitution.
As the caring protective mother, she takes care of all her islands, taking essential supplies to those remote locations where others don't venture, ensuring their sustenance. The navy's very presence in peacetime is enough to deter any plans for misadventures. IN keeps a sharp watch over the neighbouring seas, keeping the island territories and coastal region secure; always assertive and determined to protect what matters – even against powerful, mythical creatures, if it comes to it.
Like the meticulous shopper who keeps the shelves always full, IN keeps the trade routes clear and corridors open to enable the continuous flow of crude oil and other supplies by undertaking Anti piracy patrols and deployments in our trade routes. This continuous flow of imports and exports that keep our economy going is protected and guaranteed by IN.
She's the gracious host, who is often the first person at the door to receive the guests to Indian shores – engaging in Constructive Maritime Engagement with Foreign navies. Also, as the suave envoy, Navy bears India's flag and keeps alive and healthy the relations with the friends near and far by reciprocating these friendly visits. She furthers Indian Foreign policy by providing hardware, expert services towards upkeep of ships, hydrographic survey, management of EEZ of small island nations in our region and enabling diplomatic initiatives.
She's the omnipresent care-giver reaching out to those in distress and nursing them back to health. Be it evacuation of Indian Diaspora from troubled areas like Lebanon, Yemen or Libya or reaching out to our neighbours torn by natural disasters or closer at home, rescuing and extending a helping hand towards those dislocated by torrential rains and floods in Chennai, Kerala. IN has always been the first and an effective responder. IN is also the custodian of the special capabilities like diving ability, underwater salvage that come in handy to provide Aid to civil authority.
As the encouraging sponsor who provides the right atmosphere for growth, IN creates economic activities and significant quantum of jobs. She is one of the largest consumers that supports and promotes the growth of Indian ship building industry. The dockyards promote MSMEs and innovators to participate and grow in their skill, scale and standards. Where navy goes, there's industrial growth (like Karwar).
She's also the concerned ally promoting the technological development of the nation. She actively participates with DRDO and its subsidiaries research agencies in research and development projects, providing trial platforms for development of indigenous equipment. IN also enables the nation's other agencies to further their (ad)ventures – be it research at Antarctica or launching of rockets or firing of missiles. IN is always around, providing support from sea. IN undertakes significant effort furthering research – undertaking Hydrographic survey of not only our coast, but also of the other friendly island nations in Indian Ocean.
As a good mentor, IN contributes significantly for character building – by conducting community programs, running schools and women empowerment initiatives. Towards this, it's not just the men in white uniform, but their better halves who lend a hand by their own organisations.
So war or peace, IN is always around serving the National interests in such a wide spectrum of roles. She is the dependable pillar reaching out and touching lives in more ways than one would normally imagine !!!
- G Raajadurai