Q1.   Which arm of Indian Defence forces celebrates its anniversary on December the Fourth?
Q2.   Which fort is in the proximity of National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla?
Q3.   The bow of Lord Shiva lends it name to a missile system used by Indian Army. Name it.
Q4.   What is the expanded form of AWACS?
Q5.   Identify this aircraft used by IAF. (Pic-1)
Q6.   The SSB plays a vital role in the selection process of officers for the armed forces of our country. Expand the acronym SSB.
Q7.   Identify this aircraft used be IAF. (Pic-2)
Q8.   Which state was touted to host the Aero India 2019 in place of its traditional venue thus far?
Q9.   The insignia of which command of Indian Army has the sun and lightening in it's depiction?
Q10.   Name India's first indigenous long range artillery gun also called 'Desi Bofors'.
Q11.   Who was the Artillery athlete who represented our country in full Marathon at Rio Olympics.
Q12.   Which Triservices Institute has the motto "Victory through Technology"?
1. Indian Navy. 2. Sinhagad. 3. Pinaka. 4. Airborne Warning and Control System. 5. Mirage 2000. 6. Services Selection Board. 7. Su 30. 8. Uttar Pradesh. 9. South Western Command. 10. Dhanush. 11. Gopi T. 12. MILIT, Pune.
- Wg Cdr Samir Gangakhedkar
Pic 1
Pic 2