Air Force Academy Women Cadets shine at Hyderabad Pinkathon
Flight Cadet Sonalia Pal stood first in 10 km run, with timing of 42m:04s and Flight Cadet Karishma Mishra stood first in 5 km category, with timing of 19m:30s in the 'Pinkathon' 2018 conducted on Sunday at 'Peoples Plaza' Hyderabad as a part of International Women's day Celebrations. The fitness run was organised at Hyderabad for the women of the city which is an initiative of the United Sisters Foundation and promoted by Maximus Mice and Media Solutions Pvt Ltd. Both the cadets were part of the contingent of total of 55 women from the Air Force Academy which included 22 cadets, 4 officers and 29 women from Air Force Wives Welfare Association (AFWWA) of the Academy. In addition, Flight Cadet Irene C Rose stood third in 5 km category with timing of 22m:03s. The women's team of Air Force Academy was led by Mrs Poonam Tiwari, president of the local chapter of AFWWA.
In Air Force Academy, women cadets much like their counterparts, participate equally in all the activities to make them physically robust and mentally tough, during their pre-commission training which goes on for one year before they are inducted into IAF. In respective branches, young men and women, coming from different backgrounds of society are made to go through stringent physical regimen gradually at Academy as part of physical training, and running is one of the regular exercises which they undergo.
- G Surendra Babu
Flight Cadet Karishma Mishra winner of 5km category being facilitated after the 'Pinkathon' 2018 event at 'Peoples Plaza' Hyderabad on March 11, 2018.
Air Force Academy Women cadets team after the 'Pinkathon' 2018.