2nd Synergy Conference Between CGDA and Indian Army
Maintaining the spirit of 'ensuring compliance and driving performance' through better collaboration, coordination and communication at all levels, the 2nd synergy conference between CGDA and Indian Army was held at CENTRAD, Delhi Cantonment on August 8-9, 2017. Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat, the Chief Guest of the conference, appreciated the recent initiatives taken by the Defence Accounts Department and underlined the importance of synergy between the two organization. He further applauded the Defence Accounts Department for striving relentlessly for achieving the excellence in standards of Accounting and Financial Services and performing audit functions ever since the integration with Army Headquarters in 1983. He mentioned that initiatives such as issue of e-ticketing, streamlining the Dolphin Software, interactive voice response system(IVRS) etc. speak volumes of the sincerity and dedication of the Defence Accounts Department. The Defence Forces look up to the CGDA for checks and balances in maintaining financial propriety.
CGDA, Smt. Veena Prasad,IDAS in her inaugural address recalled that during first Synergy Conference enabling decisions were taken and directions were issued, which helped in resolving most of the issues and concerns of both the organizations. However, there are areas which require further deliberations and hoped that a workable solution would be brought out in the conference. The inaugural session of the conference was attended by many distinguished dignitaries of Indian Army and Defence Accounts Department besides the Chief guest and CGDA viz Lt. Gen J S Cheema DCOAS (IS&T), Lt. Gen S K Patyal, DCOAS & Col 4GR, Lt. Gen R R Nimbhorkar, MGO, Lieutenant Gen Suresh Sharma, E-in-C, Lt.Gen Gopal R, SM DG(MP&PS), Lt. Gen Ashok Ambre, DG(LW&E) and Lt. Gen Ashwani Kumar, Adjutant General, IHQ of MoD(Army) also graced the occasion.
A total of 64 exclusive agenda items of both specific and generic in nature were discussed during the Conference.
Each session witnessed a very detailed discussions which helped both sides to appreciate each other's point of view in a comprehensive manner. The following major decisions were taken during the conference:
The issue of GST was discussed and it was decided that further meetings with Service HQrs will be organized to settle the upcoming issue related to GST.
While discussion on issues related to GeM, it was agreed that a regular interaction between Services & DAD should be organized so that issues of mutual concern could be intimated to DGS&D on regular interval.
It was mutually agreed that greater exchange of data between ADN(Army Data Network) and DAD – WAN is the need of the hour. Proposal of extending ADN to CGDA and Regional PCDA/CDA was in principle agreed. Further, it was also assured that the compiled data available with the FP Dte. will be posted on the ADN for the reference and use of filed units and formations.
An institutionalized mechanism of holding Audit Conclave was decided to commence & a formal notification to this effect is to be given by Army HQrs.
The major initiatives taken by the department including progress towards development of Centralized Pension System combining function of Pension Sanction & Disbursement, further expansion of Defence Travel System, development of API and laying of point to point leased line between DGS&D & CGDA for seamless integration of GeM & CGDA Payment System were discussed in detail.
Some more IT initiatives including e-MB Project, development of direct billing to user by BSO & expansion of Digital Signatures to more PAOs in phases and continuing the drive for matching of ARPAN and DOLPHIN databases were agreed to be carried forward.
During discussion on QMG's issues, it was agreed to review the efficacy of PC/Raksha letter and propose necessary provision under DPM regarding purchase of perishables.
The Conference was held in an extremely positive and cooperative manner & concluded with a hope that this will go a long way in resolving problems being faced by services.
- Mushtaq Ahmad