Army lends a Helping Hand
Protracted heavy rainfall in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar and UP during the month triggered flash floods and caused houses, bridges, roads to simply cave in cutting off majority of villages in affected districts. The State and District administration sought the assistance of the Indian Army and requisitioned columns to provide immediate rescue and relief effort for the affected people
The troops of Konark Corps responded dutifully, immediately launching Flood Relief Columns in aid to civil authorities in Rajasthan and Gujarat.
The flood relief columns braved severe weather and terrain conditions, worked tirelessly in incessant rains, inundated areas, conditions of poor visibility at night, to rescue thousands of marooned residents in Rajasthan and Gujarat. In instances which needed ingenuity in handling sensitive evacuations, the rescue teams with due care evacuated elderly, pregnant women and children apart from people with injuries and provisioned immediate necessary medical aid. In the Flood Relief Operations, 19 columns activated in both states for assistance to state administration have rescued 4594 people, provided relief to approximately 24,500 people, apart from rendering medical aid to approximately 1500 patients and treating 251 cattle.
In Bihar, under the aegis of the 4 RAPID, the army columns were deployed for rescue and relief operations in the devastated flood affected areas of Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Gopalganj and Muzzafarpur districts. The columns did a yeoman service by saving the lives of the stranded people, transporting and providing relief material to the inaccessible locations.
Till the last reports, the Army columns had reached out to over 75 villages, having rescued about 1000 people and have distributed food, supplies, rescue and relief material in these areas. The army medical teams accompanying the rescue columns also distributed medicines and attended to medical emergencies and saved several precious lives. Among the villagers rescued, there were few pregnant women also.
In the flood hit Eastern UP the Army executed all types of rescue and relief tasks with medical teams and support elements. They rescued people under challenging conditions and under took activities to provide succour to the distressed and help to the needy.
- Manoj Tuli
UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath overlooking the flood relief and rescue operations, by the Army.
Rescue Operations being carried out.
The Jawans of Indian Army rescuing an old man from a flood-hit area in Bihar.
Indian Army Jawans distributing relief material to flood-hit people in Bihar.
Army conducting rescue and relief operations in flood-hit districts of Eastern UP.