Q 1.   The picture shown is Institute of Naval Medicine, Indian Navy. Where is the Institute located? (Pic-1)
Q 2.   On 7th December every year the people throughout India collect funds from the people just by selling the Indian special colorful flags, labels and stickers to commemorate its soldiers, airmen and sailors who laid down their lives to protect their motherland. What is the day recognized as?
Q 3.   What is the equivalent rank of Rear Admiral in Indian Army and Indian Air Force?
Q 4.   The picture shown is High Altitude Warfare School, Indian Army. Where is the school located? (PIC-2)
Q 5.    An operation was launched in November 1988 on call of Maldives President MA Gayoom, who was under threat of a coup from mercenaries. The three services of India launched the operation and captured the mercenaries. What was the name of the operation?
Q 6.   Which organization has Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha as its slogan?
Q 7.   What is the range of Agni 1 (Short Range Ballistic Missile). (PIC-3).
Q 8.   Where is Indian Army's Counter Insuregency and Jungle Warfare School located ? (PIC-4)
Q 9.   On 29 November 2008 National Security Guards (NSG) conducted an operation to flush out the remaining attackers in Mumbai. What is the Operation named.
Q 10.   Exercise Al Nagah-II was held between March 6-19, in Himachal Pradesh. Between which countries was the Exercise held?
Q 11.   Daulat Beg Oldie is a well-known airstrip for supply of provisions to the armed forces. Where it is located?
Q 12.   Identify the person. He was the first recepient of Param Vir Chakra? (PIC-5)
1. Colaba, Mumbai. 2. Armed Forces Flag Day. 3. Major General and Air Vice Marshal respectively 4. Gulmarg. 5. Operation Cactus. 6. National Security Guard. 7. 700-1250 Kms. 8. Vairengte, Mizoram. 9. Operation Black Tornado. 10. India and Oman. 11. Ladakh. 12. Major Somnath Sharma.
- Wg Cdr Samir Gangakhedkar