Twenty seven officers were awarded the coveted 'Aviation Wings' to become Combat Helicopter Pilots after having completed the Combat Aviation Course at Combat Army Aviation Training School (CATS). CATS is the only premier training institution of the Army Aviation Corps that provides combat oriented training to helicopter pilots of army who have undergone basic flying course.
The student officers were presented aviation wings by Brig VK Bahree, Commandant, Combat Army Aviation Training School, who presided over the function.
During the course, the student officers were put through rigorous training and were tested progressively in flying and aviation subjects. At the end of their training, officers who were outstanding in various disciplines were awarded trophies to acknowledge their achievements.
The ceremony was marked by a breath taking display of the helicopters, the aviators and the soldiers who demonstrated capabilities of the man and machine as part of 'Integrated Training Exercise'. Operations like Small Team Insertion and Extrication (STIE) operations, slithering and rescue operations, casualty evacuation etc were demonstrated giving a glimpse of the might, courage and efficacy of the aviators and the helicopters.
Lt Col Amit Kumar Kaushik
CAC-28 Passing Out Parade