Passing out Parade: The JAK Rifles Regimental Centre
Attestation and Passing Out Parade for the recruits of Course Serial No 116 was carried out at The Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regimental Centre on October 21, 2017 on the successful completion of their Military Training. Recruit Navdeep Thakur led the parade as Parade Commander. The parade was an elegant show of drill & discipline where 201 recruits marched on martial tunes & finally passed out to join the Indian Army Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regiment.
Lieutenant General Vivek Pratap Singh, AVSM, YSM, Col of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles and Ladakh Scouts & DG RR reviewed the parade. Complementing the young soldiers on impeccable drill, excellent turnout and conduct of the ceremony, he exhorted them to serve the nation with honour and dignity as part of this elite organization. He also felicitated the recruits who excelled in the training with various medals of honour. Gen Zorawar Singh Medal and Commandant Rolling Trophy for Best Recruit in batch was awarded to Recruit Vinod Kumar. Lt Gen KS Katoch, MC, Padma Bhushan, Second Best in Batch Medal was awarded to Recruit Pawan Kumar. Brig Sher Jung Thapa MVC, Best in drill medal was given to Recruit Navdeep Thakur. Brig Rajinder Singh, MVC, Best in BPET Medal was awarded to Recruit Paras Gupta. Best in Advance Camp Training Commandant Medal was given to Recruit Sahil Sharma. Capt Vikram Batra, PVC, Best in firing medal was given to Recruit Sourabh Singh, Commandant's Best Recruit /Tradesman of passing out course Medal was given to Recruit /Chef Ankush Sharma, Commandant's Best Trainer Medal was awarded to Sub Rachpal Singh. Maj Gen CA Pithawalla, AC, VSM, Best Instr Medal was given to Nk Chaman Lal. These awards will go a long way in motivating the recruits to perform to the Best of their ability for the country and Indian Army.
Officers, JCOs, NCOs and families of the Regimental Centre witnessed the parade, which was flawlessly conducted with traditional excellence and pride of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regimental Centre in tune with the highest standards maintained by the Armed Forces. The highlight of function was "Oath Taking Ceremony" by all new soldiers, confirming their total allegiance to serve the nation.