Q1.   Shown in Picture is Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) which departed to circum navigating the globe with all women crew on board. What is the name of this INSV? (PIC-1)
Q 2.   A compendium on 'Climatology of Naval Air Stations' which is intended to provide a proper grounding to young meteorology specialist officers on the local weather conditions of their respective naval air stations was released recently. By whom was it released?
Q 3.   Where is the school for Naval Airmen located shown in picture? (PIC-2)
Q 4.   Yudh Abhyas is annual bilateral military exercise, alternately held by India and United States. What is the name of the base where 13th edition of the exercise Yudh Abhyas was held?
Q 5.   Shown in picture is India's first indigenous nuclear submarine that is a SSBN (ship submersible ballistic, nuclear submarine), or a submarine that can carry ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. What is the name of this Nuclear Submarine? (PIC-3)
Q6.   Till March 2010 Indian Navy had an Aerobatic Demonstration Team consisting HJT-16 Kiran Mk.II. It was one of the only two teams being operated by any Navy of the world at that time. What was the name of the Aerobatic team? (PIC-4)
Q 7.   What is the Motto of Indian Navy?(PIC-5)
Q 8.   Shown in the picture is a poster of a bollywood movie of 2017. This movie is about the underwater tale of courage, patriotism and brilliance shown by Indian Navy in Indo-Pak war 1971. Name the movie? (PIC-6)
Q 9.   Give the name of the operation carried out by Indian Navy in 1987 where the IMSF (Indian Marine Special Force, as the MARCOS was then known) helped in capturing the harbours of Jaffna and Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, as part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force.
Q 10.   Why are the ports of Fremantle (Australia), Lyttleton (New Zealand), Port Stanley (Falklands), Cape Town (South Africa) in news for the past few months.
Q 11.   Identify this personality. He is presently Lieutenant Governor of Andaman Nicobar Islands and is a former CNS of India. (PIC-7)
Q 12.   Identify this Indian Naval Ship? She is a Torpedo recovery class vessel?(PIC-8)
1.  INSV Tarini. 2.  Admiral Sunil Lanba, Chief of the Naval Staff. 3. Willingdon Island, Kochi. 4. Lewis McChord, Washington, US. 5. INS Arihant. 6. Sagar Pawan. 7. l'ka uks o#.k% (Sanskrit); Sham No Varuna (IAST); May the Lord of the Water be auspicious unto us (English).  8. Ghazi Attack. 9. Operation Pawan. 10. These are the ports where "Tarini" is schedule to halt.11.  Admiral DK Joshi (Retired). 12. INS Astradharini.
- Wg Cdr Samir S Gangakhedkar