3 MADRAS (INDBATT-1) was inducted into South Sudan as part of United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) on May 19, 2017. The Battalion has lived upto its illustrious history and has contributed immensely to UN Peace Keeping efforts to restore peace and normalcy in a volatile security environment of South Sudan.
Protection of civilians has been the prime mandate of UN and the Indian 'Blue Berets' efforts to save lives of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) has been appreciated by the UN hierarchy.
At every opportune moment, the Battalion has highlighted the rich cultural & diversity of India and customs, traditions and ethos of the Indian Army in the multi-National environment of UN with great rectitude and vanity.
– The Battalion celebrated Raksha Bandhan in South Sudan. Rakhis sent by children of Army School, Dhaula Kuan travelled 5472 KM across the continent and Arabian Sea to reach the Indian brothers, praying for their safety and security.
– The Battalion celebrated India's 70th Independence Day on 15 Aug 2017. As part of the celebrations, Military and Civil UN employees of more than 15 Nationalities were invited. The customs, traditions and ethos of the Indian Army were also displyed during the course of the event. Flag hoisting & cultural display were organized, which enthralled the audience through their mesmerizing performance.
– The Battalion celebrated the 54th Anniversary of Battle of Maharjake (the fierceful battle fought by the valiant Thambis in the Sialkot Sector in 1965) with great élan. The event was marked by a Special Sainik Sammelan, Wreath laying and Cultural display. The occasion highlighted the cultural diversity of India and the rich traditions of Indian Army.
– The Battalion actively participated in UN Day Celebrations on October 28, 2017 at UNMISS Sector North, Malakal. As part of the celebrations, Military and Civil UN employees of more than 15 Nationalities were invited. The Battalion displayed the rich Indian Army professionalism amalgamating the cultural heritage of India through various dramas and entertainment programmes which mesmerized the audience and was the highlight of the entire celebrations.
– Medal Parade Ceremony of the Indian contingent at Malakal comprising of 3RD Battalion The Madras Regiment Infantry Battalion Group, Indian Horizontal Military Engineer Company (HMEC), Indian Level II Field Hospital and Personnel of Indian Field Signal Unit was organized on November 8, 2017 at UNMISS parade ground, Malakal, South Sudan.
On the occasion of the Indian Medal Day parade, UN Medals were presented to peacekeepers by Force Commander Lt Gen Frank Mushyo Kamanzi on behalf of Special Representative to Secretary General in recognition for their distinguished services.
Governor of Central Upper Nile State (CUNS) Mr James Tor Muny Buny and Ambassador of Indian to South Sudan, Mr Sree Kumar Menon were amongst the other dignitaries who graced the occasion. A number of Defence personnel from various countries deployed for peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, civil dignitaries and local officials from Malakal attended the ceremony.
The Presentation Ceremony also showcased Military Band Display, Traditional Chenda music from Kerala, Bhangra Folk Dance, Kollattam dance, and Kalariyapayatu, the ancient martial art of Kerala. The Force Commander in his speech recognized and appreciated the contribution of India in Peacekeeping operations in general and UNMISS in specific.
- Col Gaurav Batra