Operation Riddle: Indo-Pak War 1965
3 MADRAS as part of 69 Mountain Brigade and 6 Mountain Division moved from Uttar Pradesh on the Tibet Border and reached Pathankot on September 2, 1965. Thereafter it moved to the Assembly Area at Arnia on September 5, 1965. Thagdas were tasked to capture Maharajke village, 2.5 Kms from the International Border and 13 miles from Sialkot (West Pakistan) being held by one company strength of the enemy. The battalion was the left forward Battalion in Phase I of Brigade attack with 9 KUMAON and 4 MADRAS attacking in the second phase.
The Commanding Officer, Lt Col BK Battacharya planned the battalion attack with 'A' Company under Captain MS Oberoi and 'B' Company under Maj P Chowdhary as assault Companies and 'C' Company under Captain BR Malhotra and 'D' Company under Major SKH Ruben Dass as reserved. The assault commenced at 2250 hours on September 7, 1965 and immediately the enemy opened up with Arty, MMG and Small Arms Fire. Despite the effective fire, the Thambies relentlessly kept up the pace of assault and with remarkable courage, captured Maharajke by 0130 hours on September 8, 1965. A Counter attack of the enemy with three Pakistan Tanks was successfully repulsed. Subsequently, village Joiah and Kokkar were cleared on 10 September and village Kaloi on September 11, 1965. From September 13, 1965, the battalion led the Brigade advance to village Pagowal with 'B' Company 4 MADRAS also under command. Due to heavy Arty Shelling, Major P Chowdhary sustained splinter injury on September 13, 1965 and later succumbed to his injuries. Village Pagowal was captured by the battalion on September 13, 2016 and between September 17 to September 23, 1965, village Wadianwala, Gulewali and Khagga were cleared.
Ceasefire was ordered on September 24, 1965. On December 12, 1965, operation responsibilities of captured areas was handed over to 4 MADRAS and the battalion re-deploy to Barielly. In the war, the Thagdas accounted for 10 Mujajids as Prisoner of War, captured 16 Rifles, four SMCs and huge cache of ammunition and vehicles. Seven Thagdas made the supreme sacrifice and 38 were wounded. For the gallant actions, the battalion was awarded "THEATRE HONOUR PUNJAB".
- Lt Col Manish Mehta