RCI is one the global leader in Avionics
Research Centre Imarat (RCI) is a premier DRDO laboratory spearheading the design, development and delivery of state-of-the-art Avionics Systems for entire Indian missile development programmes. It was established on August 27, 1988 under the leadership of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who envisioned building a world class research centre at Hyderabad and led the laboratory as its Founding Director. Over the last two and half decades, under the leadership of many eminent visionaries, right from Lt Gen VJ Sundaram, Dr VK Saraswat, Dr G Satheesh Reddy, RCI stands tall with its achievements and has transformed itself into a robust multi-dimensional technology hub for design, development and delivery of critical Avionics Systems such as Control, Navigation, Guidance, Seekers, Telemetry, Power Supply Systems and Embedded Computers for various Strategic and Tactical programmes of National importance. Keeping in line with its Vision and Mission, this laboratory has contributed to the successful development and demonstration of various missile systems in the areas of core competence while overcoming technology denials, sanctions and restrictions. It has build a strong foundation by establishing the technologies required for the ongoing and futuristic programmes. RCI has contributed enormously to - Agni, Astra, Akash, BrahMos, Nirbhay, MRSAM, Programme AD - PDV interceptor, Two stage Ship Launched Target, AAD, Helina, Nag and other defence programmes. The Avionics Systems developed by RCI played a key role in the stupendous success of the Indian ICBM class Agni 5 missions.
RCI has been strongly collaborating with Academic Institutes and Industries. Presently more than 200 industries are able to support the production requirements of advanced avionics sensors and systems. Mr BHVS Narayana Murthy, Outstanding Scientist an alumni of REC, Warangal took over as Director, Research Centre Imarat (RCI), DRDO, Hyderabad on September 12, 2016. Since last three decades he has made significant contributions towards Design, Development and Delivery of Onboard Computers, Missile Launch Processors, Real-time Mission softwares with novel fault tolerant schemes and System on Chip for various tactical and strategic missile programmes.
- K Ramesh