Army Medical Corps at the Helm of Affairs
Throughout the summer of 1971 storm clouds had been gathering over the Indian subcontinent. The bed strength of the existing military hospitals in West Bengal, Assam and Tripura was augmented to meet the project requirements and two Corps Field Hospitals, two staging sections and one General Hospitals were raised.
The bed strength in military hospitals throughout the country was raised to 34,342 with the addition of 9,240 beds. Two Forward Neurosurgical Centers (One each at Jullunder and Gauhati) and three Forward Thoracic Surgery Centers (one each at Jullunder, Gauhati and Culcutta) were opened to bring highly specialized treatment within easy reach of the expected battle areas. In all, four Corps Field Hospitals, two Staging Sections, 20 Ambulance Trains and 12 Ward Coaches were raised. The medical deployment in the Eastern Theatre included the two newly raised Corps Field Hospitals, one located at Krishan Nagar and the other, with the addition of two sections of a General Hospital at Raiganj. The newly raised General Hospital was divided into three sections, which were located respectively at Silchar with 100 beds (raised later to 200), Dharampur with 200 beds (raised later to 300) and Taliamura with 400 beds (raised later 500).
- Col Gulshan Saini
Evacuation of casualty during OP-CACTUS LILY 1971 Indo-Pak war