"Prerna" - A Special Initiative for Cancer Rehabilitation
"Optimism is the foundation of courage". This is the motto of Prerna Cancer Support Group which has initiated a cause to inspire those waging a brave fight against cancer, a disease associated with immense distress- physical, financial, psychological and social. Though considered as the end of the road by many, yet, for the cancer patients, knowledge and support can mean the power to understand the specific disease and deal with it in the best possible way.
"Prerna" Cancer Support Group was started under the aegis of AWWA at Army Hospital (R&R) in the year 2002 by volunteers to lessen the burden of cancer patients and their loved ones by providing services and support needed throughout the treatment and recovery process. Actively supported by the President AWWA, they have been spear heading this mission and are carrying forward the legacy of addressing the concerns of the patients who have broken dreams, secret fears, deeply buried dreads, anger, frustration, feeling of helplessness and isolation. In addition to providing support, understanding, information and practical help to cancer patients, the Prerna Cancer Support Group also provides counselling during special cancer clinics, facilitates interaction between people fighting cancer and arranges for visits by professional psychologists. It has also been actively involved with taking care of children suffering from cancer. Prerna is an organization whose silent but substantial contribution to the cause of helping cancer patients is commendable.
It has been instrumental in spreading awareness regarding prevention and early diagnosis of cancer, provision of facilities to enhance the oncology wards' environment, liaison with the administrative authorities and assistance whenever required, with regards to the postings/ attachments/ school admissions for cancer patients.
Mrs Namita Suhag, President AWWA has been a pillar of strength to Prerna. She has visited the hospital on several occasions and provided them the much required moral support in addition to other material requirements such as a LCD TV and so on. On October 6, 2016, she visited Prerna Cancer Support Group in Army Hospital (R&R) accompanied by Mrs Kiran Nair. She visited the patients and was briefed about the treatment and assistance being provided to them. Thereafter, she also attended a programme on bhajans that had been organized for the patients followed by distribution of Prasad. A cheque for Rs 50,000.00 was presented to Prerna Cancer Support Group, by her.
Mrs Lily Raha President AFWWA and Mrs Reena Lanba President NWWA too visited Prerna Cancer Support Group in Army Hospital (R&R) on August 24, 2016 and September 6, 2016 respectively. They met the patients and their relatives and presented gifts to them.
On October 27, 2016, Brig (Mrs) Sagarika Patyal, Chairperson Prerna along with Prerna volunteers celebrated Diwali with the patients followed by distribution of gifts and prayers for their speedy recovery.
Our Lady wives in the form of volunteers have been playing a pivotal role in organizing the activities pertaining to Prerna to uplift the confidence and motivation level of all the patients suffering from cancer. They have proved that no service is greater than the service of humanity as rightly brought out in 'Bhagvat Geeta'.
"Sarve Santu Niramaya" - "May All Be Malady Free"
- - Col Gulshan Saini with Maj D Prakash Rao