Defence Pension Adalat – Aizawl
The Defence Accounts Department is performing an important outreach activity by holding Defence Pension Adalats in various parts of the country and at locations which have larger concentration of Defence pensioners. Every year around 8-10 Defence Pension Adalat are being held – one each in the four zones of the country and one in North-East. The Defence Pension Adalat serves as a platform where all the concerned stakeholders and authorities who are involved in the process of pension initiation, pension sanction and disbursement right from representatives of Record Offices, Service Headquarters, experts from Pension Sanctioning Authorities and representatives of Banks, DPDOs and other payment authorities assemble at one place to address and resolve the pension related grievances of the Defence pensioners. The Service Headquarters particularly, the Army Headquarters and field formations of the Defence Forces provide crucial logistic and other support including reaching out to the pensioners through their network in ensuring success of these Adalats.
The CGDA has also launched e-Adalats in the year 2016 whereby all concerned Pension Sanction Authorities and the PDAs like Banks bring e-data of pensioners entitlements and disbursements during the Adalat, which has led to greater satisfaction amongst the pensioners who can see their records and updated disbursement details through the data made available on the platform of the Adalats. The Defence Pension Adalats have also played a unique role in identifying old cases especially family pension cases which have remained unrevised for a long time and could be resolved due to the intervention of the Adalat platform.
The Defence Accounts Department has been conducting Defence Pension Adalats under the overall aegis of Ministry of Defence since 1987 to resolve the pension grievances of Ex-Servicemen and their families at their door steps. The first Pension Adalat was held on December 29,1987 at Jalandhar and since then this effort of the Department of reaching out to the vast community of Defence pensioners has seen 144 Adalats being held across the length and breadth of the country.
Continuing with this effort to take the authorities to the door steps of the Defence pensioner, a Defence Pension Adalat, 144th in the series, was held at Aizawl on November 25-26, 2016. The Defence Pension Adalat at Aizawl was inaugurated by Governor Lt Gen (Retd) Nirbhay Sharma in the presence of Mr N Neihsial, IDAS, Controller General of Defence Accounts. Mr RK Nayak, IDAS, PCDA (BR), Mr Praveen Kumar, IDAS, PCDA (P), Mr SK Singh, IDAS, IFA (EC), Mr Pramod Kumar, IDAS, CDA Guwahati, Maj Gen Sukesh Rakshit, GOC, Headquarter 101 Area, Maj Gen SS Mishra, GOC, Headquarter 57 Mountain Division and other senior Officers from the Military and the Defence Accounts Department also attended the Adalat. The Adalat was held at Station Headquarters Aizawl along with ex-Servicemen rally which was also conducted by the Local Military Authorities on the occasion. The logistic and other administrative support for the Defence Pension Adalat at Aizawl was provided for GOC, Headquarters 101 Area and GOC Headquarters 57 Mountain Division.
The Defence Pension Adalat at Aizawl received a total of 351 grievances – 209 on November 25, 2016 and 142 on the second day i.e. Novmeber 26, 2016. Out of these 351 cases which were registered for the Adalat, 182 cases (51.8%) were settled on the spot and the remaining 169 cases were taken up with the concerned agencies for speedy resolution of the grievances. As part of e-Adalat initiative of the Department, the Office of PCDA (P) Allahabad which is the sanctioning authority for the Army personnel carried its master pension entitlement data in e- format of about 20 Lakh pensioners which was utilized for on the spot settlement of grievances. The SBI CPPC, Guwahati which is one of the major pension Disbursement Agencies in the North-East were also present with their data and were fully equipped in handling settlement of pension grievances. It was observed during the course of the Adalat that a large number of queries pertained to disbursement of revised benefits under the OROP scheme and the arrears thereof. The team work between Office of PCDA (P) Allahabad and the major Banks i.e. SBI CPPC, Guwahati led to satisfactory replies to the queries of the pensioners especially on disbursement of OROP benefits.
The general feedback from the pensioners was very positive who appreciated this effort to reach out to them in their area and had a good word for the mechanism which was put in place for handling the grievances. The pensioners expressed their utmost satisfaction on this outreach effort on the part of the CGDA and appreciated the good work which has been done in the past especially on the OROP revision.
- Rozy Agarwal
The Governor and CGDA arriving at the venue of Adalat
Mr N Neihsial, IDAS, CGDA addressing the pensioners
The Governor receiving a Memento from the CGDA
The Ex-Servicemen at the Adalat benches attended to by PCDA (P) Allahabad
The Adalat at work